Musing Mediterranean by Beth Daigle (1/29)

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Musing Mediterranean is a quick and easy read that chronicles a family trip to Greece, Italy and Turkey. Many readers have suggested that the book acts as a great resource for those planning a trip to the Mediterranean. Along with a great story, the book provides valuable information with regard to family travel, coping with travel anxiety as well as many tourist recommendations in some of the most beautiful place on earth.

Travel tips, attraction details, restaurant recommendations and helpful dos and don’ts can be found throughout the pages of this book which many readers report they couldn’t put down and completed in one sitting.

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Contributors: Beth Daigle from BethDaigle

Written by Taegan Lion


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  1. This is a charming book that will draw you in after the first page. You will feel like a family member and wish you were along on their wonderful adventure. Beth Dangle has such a natural style of writing I want to read more by her.

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