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The best method for getting back into a healthy lifestyle is meditation. Most individuals desiring to create lifestyle changes need the most support in mindset and rewiring habitual patterns of the brain. Without the mindset shifts, into whatever health regimen you create, it is easy to default back to your old ways- or worse, fall into an endless cycle of dieting.

Meditation is scientifically proven to uplevel your cognition so that you can increase your level of self-awareness, presence and your ability to make conscious choices. If you’re no longer fighting change or sabotaging yourself at the mental level, then you will naturally start implementing all of the other healthy habits that you know make a difference: such as increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, moving your body, hydrating and acts of self-care. Plus, you will be more likely to not fall off the healthy bandwagon again!

Contributors: Sarah Anne Stewart from Sarah Anne Stewart Intl

Written by Ben Skute

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