Make it a clean break (4/12)

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This doesn’t mean that you have to pretend that your ex has vanished off the face of the Earth, but you can’t be best buddies if you’re not over the split. After they cheat, you may be tempted hook-up casually to prove to yourself that you can still have them, but it’s usually not worth the hassle — or the clean underwear.

With regard to texts and other digital communication, there is no sense in holding on to “evidence” once you’ve cut ties. Re-reading hurtful texts may help you to move on in the early phase after the breakup, as research suggests that admitting to and focusing on your negative emotions after a breakup can help you to get over the split; however, you’ll likely want to set a time limit for the wallowing in sadness. Pick a dump date by which you promise to delete all the evidence and recruit a friend to keep you on track — and celebrate should the mood strike you.

Contributors: Jess O’Reilly from Astroglide

Written by Ben Skute

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