Limitless by Laura Gassner Otting (11/33)

This book focuses specifically on the question of “what if success didn’t equal happiness?” Many of us spend our lives pursuing a singular idea of success, one that was created for us by someone else. We give votes to those who shouldn’t even have voices and strive to go faster and faster even as we find ourselves falling further and further behind. We chase gold stars, we check all the boxes, we Lean In – and we still feel incomplete. When we don’t define success in our own terms, finding our purpose and carving our own path becomes impossible. The only way to break the cycle so that you can be better at work and life is to figure out what give you – specifically, uniquely you – consonance. And that comes from a combination of calling, connection, contribution, and control.

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Contributor: Laura Gassner Otting from Limitless Possibility 

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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