Limit Keepsake Items (9/9)

There are the sentimental, heirloom items that are given to us from family and the sentimental items we collect during our own life. Don’t feel obligated to keep things that are given to you. If you don’t love a family item, let the person know that you’re trying to live with less, don’t really have room and be honest if it’s not your style. Before we know it, we can end up with boxes of family keepsakes that are just taking up space and we’ll never use. It’s ok to say no to more stuff. It’s wonderful to have a few select items to remember our family members, but how much do we really need? For your own personal memorabilia and those of your kids, sort through your keepsakes and think hard about their importance. Only keep items that you feel will be important to look back at years from now or ones to share with your kids. When it comes to your kids’ artwork, you can always snap a photo of it and keep it saved that way rather than the actual art itself. Kids accrue a lot of art and special school projects over the years—choose wisely.

Contributors: Marty Basher from Modular Closets

Written by Taegan Lion

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