In Order to Live By Yeonmi Park (3/8)

Yeonmi was born in North Korea and she and her mother escaped when she was 13. She thought she was going to be treated with kindness once she and her mother escaped to the China border, but in reality, she and her mother entered the cruel world of human trafficking.

The book tells the tale of her incredible life as she faced tragedy in every step she took as she tried to make the best life for her family. It opened my eyes to the reality of a world I’m so ignorant to through the eyes of a girl that is my age and had to live through it all.

Yeonmi’s story is not only an eyeopening one, but one that demands you to be inspired to do all you can with what you have and to recognize what you have been given.

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ContributorsJazmin Cybulski from Bella Ella Boutique

Written by Ben Skute

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