ICEGOLD: World’s Purest Glass Design Highlights Every Drink (18/28)

ICEGOLD: World's Purest Glass Design Highlights Every Drink

Highly transparent minimalist glass design highlights your beverage by becoming virtually invisible.

Have you ever noticed that the glass design is an important part of the visual experience of any beverage? If you drink a beautifully decorated cocktail or any other beverage that is visually appealing, you might want to put the most attention on the beverage. But in most cases, the glass takes a lot of attention too. Why not making the glass invisible? Well, that is impossible. But what about making the glass as minimal as possible, design a clean shape and use a highly transparent glass material to avoid refractions and reflections.

Well, that is what ICEGOLD is all about. This glass is hand-crafted of high-grade borosilicate. It takes advantage of golden ratio for its minimal design. The thick walls make the glass heavy, durable and still highly transparent. At the edge the walls are even thicker and rounded, making it very comfortable for the lips. An absence of thick bottom reduces light refractions. You get such a clear vision of your beverage that your enjoyment starts even before you taste it.

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