Host Dinner Parties (5/11)

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I believe a good tip to build more meaningful friendships is by hosting dinner parties.  At these dinners, the host should provide all food, but have attendees bring wine.  This empowers them to be part of the process.

At the dinners, the host can delegate tasks, creating shared activities and opportunities for people to work together to create the meal, this strengthens bonds by them being a part of an activity together.  I think it’s key for the host to pose questions to the group and have people going around giving answers.  Example question would be: If you could give credit or thanks to one person in your life that you don’t give enough credit to, who would it be.  This empowers people to have a voice and share things they wouldn’t normally share in surface level conversations.

The dinner structure can work that the first time someone comes, they come alone, the second time they come, they bring a friend.  This expands the friend group in a meaningful way.

Contributors: Chris Schembra from 747 Club

Written by Ben Skute

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