The Henchman Audacious Idea (12/13)

I’ve written a screenplay specifically for Will Ferrell to star in (which is, quite frankly, hilarious). In short, it’s about an average family-man who inadvertently becomes a henchman for a charismatic billionaire. He gets caught up in a comical and stereotypical shootout (think James Bond vs 20 henchmen). Shocked and confused by the event, he attempts to implement changes in safety and training procedures which ultimately see him becoming an integral part to his boss’ operations. He then finds himself caught in a moral struggle somewhere between right and wrong in his own mind. If you want to know more about the story line, click to check out the YouTube synopsis.

What are the funds for? Well, I don’t want to go down the traditional methods of trying to get a movie made, so I’m looking to get the public behind a drive to get the screenplay to Will Ferrell. For that to happen, I need to create a large social-media following on Facebook and Instagram for The Henchman. I’ve already embarked on the path to build the profile of the film and now I need to take the campaign up a notch. The beauty is that if the social-media campaign works, it doubles as a marketing campaign for the film – before it has even been made. Click to check out The Henchman Film on Facebook and Instagram. To give you an idea of the traction, there has been a 300% rise in Facebook followers in the last 30 days and an exponential increase in page and post interactions.

Written by Marco

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