Hell of a Life, MBDTF (8/13)

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Tell me what I gotta do to be that guy
Said her price go down, she ever fuck a black guy
Or do anal, or do a gangbang
It’s kinda crazy that’s all considered the same thing

How could you say they live they life wrong?
When you never fuck with the lights on

Kanye was at his most wild and reckless in this period of his career. Here he tells the allegory of having a marriage with a porn star over the course of one night. The song works fantastically and leaves Kanye realising that he doesn’t need the trappings of the wild life, in his own words ‘pussy and religion’ are all he needs. Kanye makes the valid point that it is wrong that the lady’s ‘price’ would go down i.e. she would be less marketable, if she had sex with him.  He then goes on to support her over-sexualised lifestyle by mocking those who are sexually inhibited. In other words, are those who find it very easy to judge actually in a position to do so, due to their lack of experience/knowledge? An interesting point for hypothesis.

Written by Trevor Twohig

Freelance writer from London. I enjoy writing sports, music and self-help articles primarily. My first novel ‘Sunny Sands’ will be released in 2018.

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