HAIST Designs – The Nomad Trio (10/12)

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A trio of bags hardwired for the hectic, every day pressures home, work and doing it all! The Nomad Trio from Nashville’s local designer gem, HAIST Designs, consists of three essential pieces, pivotal to any woman’s bag collection; the Tote, the Crossbody and the Clutch. Designed to work cohesively, the trio allows a gal the freedom to just GO…without worrying what bag is needed for what occasion.

Using an integrative concept, each piece is artfully crafted to function and fit together perfectly and conveniently, with made-to-measure pockets in the Tote that securely hold the Crossbody and Clutch. Ultimately, the Nomad Trio works together to be the most versatile and utilitarian ‘Go To’ bag. A handbag is so much more than an accessory, it is an extension of a woman’s life…her survival kit, her security blanket, her truest sense of style and personality proudly displayed on her arm or across her body.

Contributors: Katie Rose Cronin from ChicExecs Brand

Written by Ben Skute

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