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Gidget Kickstarter 2018

We are excited to launch our line of active and functional swimwear that covers what needs to be covered! We need your help to spread the word! Back us on Kickstarter today!

Gidget Swimwear is comfortable, functional swimwear that keep you covered. Gidget Swimwear is made for those that have a love affair with water. Of all the swimming suits on the market, there are very few that actually function and are comfortable in the water. Many women’s swimming suits don’t fit well because they are made for only one body type, but in reality many of us don’t fit that criteria. Our suits are designed for comfort and coverage for many body shapes and sizes. Our cross back style suits take the strain off your neck that halter suits typically give you, and help distribute the weight for the most comfort and function. Our suits contain a lower shelf bra to fit women with chests of all sizes. Our suits are double lined and fit tight to the skin for full containment, and comfort, providing full chest and booty coverage. No tugging or pulling necessary. 

Gidget Swimwear was created for those searching for the perfect swimming suit. Our suits balance fashion, comfort, and style AND still keep you covered. We don’t want you to have to worry whether or not the suit will hold you in – we’ve got you covered!

Back us on Kickstarter today to get your Gidget swimsuit!

Gidget Swimwear

Keagan Neptune is raising funds for Gidget Swimwear on Kickstarter! Comfortable Functional Swimwear that keeps you covered-for both men and women.

Written by Keagan Neptune

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