Get A Good Night’s Sleep (8/17)

Getting adequate sleep is crucial for maintaining your health, as well as performing well as a student. It’s never too early to make a habit of prioritizing quality sleep. If you find it difficult to sleep (dorms can be noisy places, and sometimes there are just, well, more exciting things to do as a student) the following tips might help:

  • Try to maintain a regular schedule for going to sleep and waking up.
  • Try to sleep in a quiet and dark environment; if you share a space with others and can’t keep it completely quiet or dark, you might find it helpful to use a white noise machine and/or an eye mask.
  • If you able to nap, embrace it, but try to limit naps to either 30 minutes (for light sleep) or 90 minutes (if you want to fit in a full sleep cycle) and don’t nap too close to the time you intend to turn in for the night.

Contributors: Casey Gardonio-Foat from Wink and Rise

Written by Ben Skute

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