Gaining the Edge by John DePuy (10/29)

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Gaining the Edge is book three of Building Business in the 21st Century; a three-part series dedicated to assisting the business owner.

Book Three, Gaining The Edge, walks the business owner from operating a small “mom & pop” operation, to raising substantial capital for funding, to taking the company public. From one employee to one thousand, and every stage between, this series will help you grow and understand vital systems and processes to gain the edge and win!

There is a companion Business Builder Notebook to each book designed to help the business address problems, create solutions and take action. These notebooks help take the principles they have learned and draw conclusions that are specific to their unique business situation. They are a powerful resource tool for today’s entrepreneur and business owner.

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Contributors: John DePuy from Oaktree Ventures Inc.

Written by Taegan Lion

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