Fruita & Grand Junction, Colorado (4/8)

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Fruita & Grand Junction, Colorado 

Colorado is home to some great mountain biking, just ask the folks at Yeti Bikes, who are headquartered in the town of Golden. Fruita is a legendary mountain bike destination, with hundreds of miles of some of the best riding  in Colorado. Located close to the Colorado and Utah border, the mountain biking in Fruita is a combination of styles from the two states; the trails have the rock of the Utah desert and elevation the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Visiting bikers will love exploring the great flowy ridgelines, and challenging technical routes, Fruita has it all. There are several trail areas surrounding these towns, each with a unique character. The 18 Road trails offer flowy fun, while trails like Horsethief Bench are rocky and difficult, pick your poison, or try to ride them all.

Written by Matt Sklar

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