Focus on yourself first (3/12)

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The fact that your ex cheated is not your fault. You can’t affair-proof a relationship and though you aren’t perfect, you are not responsible for their cheating. However, it’s important to consider the role you played in the overall relationship and its dissolution.

Consider what YOU could have done differently in the relationship. We tend to focus on what our partner (or ex) did wrong — it’s a matter of emotional and personal self-preservation — but those who are willing to acknowledge their role in the relationship dissolution are less likely to make the same mistakes moving forward.

What did you do well in the relationship and did your partner reciprocate? If not, how can you more clearly communicate to future partners what you need in order to feel loved and fulfilled? What do you want moving forward? Do you want a relationship or are you focused on another area of your life at this time? Opting to be single is a perfectly legitimate choice, so consider your options before jumping into another relationship.

Contributors: Jess O’Reilly from Astroglide

Written by Ben Skute

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