Fine line between a passion and perfection (7/9)

Lots of folks with eating disorders or obsessive-compulsive tendencies seem to be perfectionists. The deep dive into perfectionism can be combatted with a little prevention. There is a fine line between a passion for a subject or an activity and a compulsion to do that perfectly every time. If you have a hunch that you may be a perfectionist in any area of your life, ask a close trusted confidante if he or she thinks you are a perfectionist in that arena.

Once you receive a positive answer, you may want to step outside your normal routine and habits and shake up your life a little. For example, if your hair has to be blown dry and styled perfectly every time you leave the home and this makes you late for events, try allowing yourself to be chic with a messy ponytail and a hat.

If you just have to have the home looking like the cleaning lady left five minutes ago, try staying in bed later than usual and read in bed rather than getting up right away to make the bed. The things we do out of our usual routine can teach us something about ourselves, and can also prevent us from going down the rabbit hole of perfectionism, which can lead to behavioral disorders if left unchecked.

Enlist the help of the trusted friend or family member again, and ask if they can help you change up the habits which are creating perfectionism and thus not allowing a flow of spontaneity and happiness in your life.

Contributors: KJ Landis from Superior Self

Written by Ben Skute

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