Finding Our She-Compass by Helen Owens (8/26)

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Unlike traditional self-help books that tell readers to do X-Y-Z to achieve certain goals, “Finding Our She-Compass” leads readers to answers through the power of personal narrative. And many of the stories feature young women in the prime of their life struggling with a variety of important decisions who come to discover their life’s purpose. The journeys of the characters leave us all feeling empowered, confident, and renewed. Most importantly, “Finding Our She-Compass” helps us reflect on how we can be better to ourselves and others at any stage in our lives.

And women who want more of the book’s positive message can enjoy a stimulating podcast that features women of all ages sharing their stories of triumph, sisterhood, and empowerment.

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Contributor: Helen Owens from The She-Compass Show and Podcast | She-Compass

Written by Taegan Lion

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