Familiarity With Industry-Specific Subject Matter (3/29)

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Spinstak Growth Agency is a boutique marketing agency for safety and industrial MRO professionals. Spinstak believes that it is crucial to have in-house content writers for any small to medium-sized business in a niche industry. In-house writers are extremely advantageous for these types of businesses because they’re able to be completely immersed in the subject matter for which they will be writing.

In-house writers are able to become more familiar with their subject matter, their company’s brand, and brand guidelines. Freelance writers often require a lot of additional research to understand the company’s style, industry, and position in the market. On the other hand, in-house writers experience this company and industry-specific information every day, improving their knowledge of the subject matter and, in turn, improving their writing.

ContributorsStephanie Kidd from Spinstak Growth Agency

Written by Zak Parker

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