Fairytale Baby Book– A Personalized Pregnancy Journal (9/35)

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The premise behind Fairytale Baby Books is to turn every delivery of every baby into a wonderful tale of how it all came to be and document for friends and family to last for centuries. Each story is created by a fill-in-the-blank form online to share the unique details of how the fairytale first began and comes in versions of multiple shades of skin tones, single parents and same sex couples.

Each 15-page manuscript is typeset in a beautiful Old English font surrounded by corresponding colorful artwork. Upon approval, the fairytale is printed onto antique parchment-like paper. The pages are bound in an 8” x 9” leather-look, hardcover book featuring ornately designed borders and embossed gold glitter titles—front and back. The end result is a treasured handcrafted keepsake to cherish forever. Grandparents will love this story of their grandkids.

Contributor: Cheri Glick from Fairytale Baby Books

Written by Ben Skute

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