Ellis James Designs Quilted Travel Jewelry Organizer Bag Case (26/52)

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This luxurious jewelry keeper is a practical and elegant solution to the challenges of traveling with jewelry. No more tangled necklaces, lost rings or bent earrings: this organizer is packed with compartments, earring holders and plenty of room for all your extra bits and bobs. 

You can store all your jewelry when you’re travelling, attending a business conference or going on holiday, without the worry of losing it or untangling it once you reach your destination. The padded quilted exterior is water-resistant, so you can use in the bathroom and it wipes clean easily. It also features a strong, unmoving structure, protecting everything you keep inside and slotting in easily amongst other items in a larger suitcase. 

Contributor: Ola Wills from Ellis James Designs

Written by Ben Skute

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