Don’t Become Overcommitted (1/7)

If you’re dedicated to having a balanced life, the only way you can achieve it is if you know whether or not you are overcommitted. Although it can be hard to estimate how much time it will take to do everything you need to get done, it isn’t too difficult to recognise when too much is squeezed into too little time.

A process that gives you control over everything you have on your plate enables you to be realistic about what you can and can’t get done in a particular time frame, giving you a clear sense of how much is “too much.”  When you look at incoming projects, activities, or opportunities within the context of things to which you’ve already committed, you can make informed decisions about what to accept, when you need help, and when you have to say “no” to requests for, and new demands on, your time.

It’s hard to find balance when you are constantly overcommitted; in fact, the two are mutually exclusive.

Contributors: Maura Thomas from Regain Your Time

Written by Zak Parker

Journalist, writer, musician, professional procrastinator. I'll add more here later.

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