Daily Routine (8/19)

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Routines become habits and good habits become who we are.  The subconscious loves repetition so when something is working, do it more.  Did you feel accomplished when you woke up early last week?  Did time seem to stand still when you gave yourself more time to complete a task (ex. takes 30 mins to drive to work so allow 45 mins).  

Highly successful people allow themselves flexibility to pivot and make speedy adjustments to what works as opposed to complaining or becoming stuck in what doesn’t.  Daily routines that stay flexible and quick to pivot when encountering opportunities turns a successful day into a routine.  The worst things, in your mind, you have to do?  

Do first.  You have the energy from having rested, you have stamina from the morning, the perfect time to upload the chores you dread.  Set a routine time each day to spend 30 mins doing what you like to do.  Wanting to flip through a hobby magazine?  Enjoy sitting with coffee and the paper?  Like spending time with your pet?  Allowing 30 mins for pure enjoyment is an instant recharge.

Contributors: Kimberly Friedmutter from Life Management Consultation

Written by Ben Skute

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