Create an evening routine (12/17)

Your evening routine is designed to help your body wind down and start preparing for sleep. Ideally, the evening routine would include shutting off the use of all electronics a minimum of 1 hour before bed and switching to orange lighting (salt lamps, candle light) 1 hour before bed. This will ensure the body can start producing melatonin naturally. Other good bed time routines include:

  • Having a bath or hot shower (this can induce relaxation)
  • Drinking tea (this can induce relaxation)
  • Reading (This can induce relaxation)
  • Blacking out the room completely (this allows the body to follow it’s natural sleep/wake cycle)
  • Gentle yoga or stretching (this allows for relaxation to set it)
  • No wifi near your head (wifi stimulates our brain and can cause us to stay mentally active)
  • No eating 1 hour before bed (this allows the body systems to be in a state of relaxation and rest when they are ready to sleep)
  • Journalling (this allows the person to “brain dump” all their thoughts out to decrease the chances of the mind “spinning”)
  • Meditation (this induces relaxation and calm)
  • Having a gratitude practice (this allows the mind to have a dose of positivity before bed, which can decrease the chances of the mind “spinning”)

Contributors: Tiffany Toombs from Blue Lotus Mind Coaching & Training

Written by Ben Skute

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