Competitiveness Red Flag (7/27)

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One of the greatest motivators within the workplace are incentives. Paying people more for exceeding goals and expectations is common practice, but can it be detrimental to the overall productivity of the team at work? Incentives can create a hostile team. If you see a coworker surpassing his or her goals, that pushes you to do the same.

Working harder is great. But working harder doesn’t mean you are working smarter. If your main goal is to simply hit your goals every week, month, quarter, etc. how much are you really adding to the team at work? If you have successfully implemented a tactic that works, share that with the team! Competitiveness is great, but not contributing to the overall success of the team is a red flag. Incentives are great but monitor them to see if the incentives are working towards the overall success of the team.

Contributor: Tracy Julien from

Written by James Metcalfe

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