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I recently started a 50 Days No Excuses Fitness Challenge to give myself a jumpstart to working out every day. Like most people, I frequently made excuses about why I wouldn’t go to the gym. I was either too tired, too busy, or just not in the mood. After seeing a friend complete his own 50 Day No Excuses Fitness Challenge, I thought, I’d like to try that! I started out with doing cardio at the gym, and now I mix cardio with free personal training workouts from the Nike Training Club app. 

And here I am today, on day 45 of my 50 Days No Excuses journey!! Days 1-5 were easy because I was excited to start something new. Days 6-20 were tough because that’s when I truly had to remind myself that I wouldn’t make excuses to get out of the workout. After that, I’ve had an amazing time continuing this journey because I have now learned how to schedule my days so that there’s always time for at least 30 mins of exercise! Several of my friends have joined on this challenge. I encourage you to give it a shot! 

Contributors: Atasha Jordan from Atasha Jordan – Blog

Written by Ben Skute

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