Blue Ocean Strategy (17/27)

Tired of competition? Tired of swimming upstream with the other salmon? You are operating in a red ocean and your success is hindered! Authors Kim and Mauborgne discovered if you can make yourself different and stand out from the crowd, you are then operating in a blue ocean and have no competition. How do you do this? The book outlines the strategies and tactics for achieving blue ocean status. (Their sequel, called Blue Ocean Shift Beyond Competing, gives the successes of companies that followed their ideas and are now operating in a blue ocean!)

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About: Founder and president of one of New Jersey’s top integrated marketing agencies, Allen Consulting of Holmdel, New Jersey; owner of the Historic Butler Building and Aitkin Opera House in Aitkin, Minnesota; and founder of Sylvia’s Children, a non-profit doing work in Uganda, Africa since 2003.

For nearly 40 years, Sylvia Allen has worked as a premier marketing and PR professional, organizing events that draw thousands of people and foster economic prosperity in small towns and larger cities. She has held top board positions at countless organizations and associations, and often is asked to speak and present seminars and workshops on marketing, event production and sponsorship sales around the world, including in Malaysia, Singapore, China and around North America.

She is also an award-winning sponsorship expert, who has published several books on the subject. Sylvia has produced hundreds of events and has generated millions worth of sponsorships for her clients.

Here is a list of the awards she has won and her achievements:

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