Better Decisions. Better Thinking. Better Outcomes (2/20)

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Too many decisions are being made by leaders and employees who are impacted by stress, overloaded brains, tiredness, and unregulated emotions. All of these are impacting their decision-making processes, cognitive abilities, and the outcomes they produce. This book has a range of strategies, techniques, and tips for regaining control of the decision-making process by enabling the rational, thinking center of the brain (prefrontal cortex) to regain jurisdiction. The result will be better decisions, improved cognitive abilities, and better outcomes. 

Start-up business owners are especially prone to stress, overloaded brains, tiredness, and unregulated emotions. And thus many of the decisions they make (including hiring and staffing decisions) are made in a mind full mode, instead of a mindful thinking mode. Additionally, they are typically moving so fast that much of their decision-making runs on autopilot, resulting in less-than-optimal decisions and outcomes. 

Contributor: Steven Howard from Caliente Leadership

Written by Ben Skute

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