Beekman 1802’s Goat Poop (6/12)

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Beekman 1802 is a line of goat milk products founded by the Beekman Boys. They produce farm-to-table foods, farm-to-skin beauty and artisan-made home products. All their products focus on natural ingredients inspired by their farm.

Their artisans were working hard to find an innovative and creative product to launch – and thus goat poop was born. The mix is full of smooth and creamy melt-in-your-mouth chocolate with crunchy pretzels, almonds, hazelnuts, cookies, malt balls, and chewy caramels! We also have delicious Chocolate Covered Goat Milk Salted Caramels Salty Goat Milk Fudge Cookies and our all-time favorite, our Cocoa mix.

Contributor: Paulina Lainez from

Written by James Metcalfe

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