Purchase Ballet Beautiful, by Mary Helen Bowers (1/5)

I discovered Bowers’ book searching online for videos or books on ballet, thinking that I could start doing it at home as an exercise. Rather than giving you a dance workout that potentially cripples you, this book gives you actual ballet stretches which not only improve your flexibility.

Ballet Beautiful is also available as an iBook, which has two versions: the first is just a book with text photographs and diagrams, while the other has clips of the stretches and exercises embedded into the text. This is more convenient for when you’re travelling and don’t want to bring a book, a DVD player or a laptop.

Bowers also includes several exercises that you can do throughout the day when you have a minute or two to yourself, which is a good idea for me. And if you don’t have the time to exercise for half an hour to an hour, there are the fifteen-minute blasts, which are especially good if you are intimidated by some of the exercises.

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