Autism App Project (15/29)

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This project, is very dear to my heart. A friend of mine has been suffering from autism since almost the day he was born. I’ve known him all my life, we both grew up together. After talking to his mom not too long ago about how we could possibly help him and others with autism, she told me about how they have difficulties exercising alone (Of course not everyone has these difficulties). This gave me the idea to create something that would assist them with exercise. I chose an application that is going to work like other workout applications, with the difference that the workout programs will all be made by a sport coach who works everyday with kids suffering from autism helping them exercise. At this stage a couple workouts have already been created and filmed, I’ve also gotten into contact with an application programmer who will help me with the creation of the app. This app will be completely free of charge and all the money obtained will be used to make it as good as it possibly can be.

Written by Roberts Kanels

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