A Course In Miracles (ACIM) (9/9)

ACIM is a life-changing book for many. It was supposedly channeled from Jesus through a New York psychiatrist named Helen Schucman, but she insisted on remaining anonymous till after her death.

The truth contained in it is self-evident. A Course In Miracles provides detailed real-world explanations for correcting the many illusions and mental obstacles that prevent us from flourishing as we are meant to in this life. It contains the best workbook exercises and meditations for spiritual transformation available in print in my informed view, and takes the reader step by step from the “littleness” we’ve been socialized into into transcendence.

It’s not for everyone. Some find it far too abstract. But if you are wiling to step back from ordinary existence and reconsider, A Course In Miracles truly is an incredible read.

Written by Meredith Fairbank

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