Memoirs Of Madame De Motteville On Anne Of Austria And Her Court (14/15)

Madame de Motteville mother was a Spaniard and the little girl loved at court since 7 years old. richelieu disliked the queen association with Spanish people and sent de Motteville and her mother to Normandy. When she was 18, de Motteville married a man of 82. He soon died and left her well off, she returned to Paris and stayed with her mistress the queen, loyal and supportive, through war and Fronde, describing fashions and characters, princes, cardinales, nobles in vivid details, aslo what queen ate, how she dressed and so on. Very light and interesting read, plus as you go, you learn the history, so it’s two in one.

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Contributor: Natalya Alatyreva

Written by Taegan Lion

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