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The Different Kinds Of Women Men Fantasize About Cheating With (Research)

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Despite the incessant portrayal of very slim women in popular media, it seems that men actually prefer curvier women – especially when it come to extramarital adventures! The team at Victoria Milan were interested in discovering the physical attributes that men look for and find attractive for an affair. According to this survey conducted amongst more than 4,800 male members of this online site for attached and married people from 22 countries, curvaceous women are now the favoured type of women to cheat with.

But there are some other types of women men who cheat fantasise about!

#1 Curvy with long hair

The physical preferences of men have apparently changed thanks to the 'power of body positivity'. According to the survey conducted by this online dating site for people looking for an affair, 40.8% of the 4,803 participants prefer curvaceous women to have an affair with, and 42.3% of them mentioned they like women with long hair more.

#2 Slim with beautiful eyes

35.2% of those men looking for an affair on Victoria Milan responded that they preferred a slim woman to cheat on their spouses with, and 33.5% of them also mentioned they liked lovers with beautiful eyes. So this could be another perfect match: a slim woman with beautiful eyes to have an affair with! 

#3 Stylish and elegant

Imagine that you want to cheat on your partner. Wouldn't you like to do it with an elegant and stylish lover? That's exactly what some 28.3% of the answers in this survey conducted amongst the members of the dating site for cheaters were. 

#4 Tall and fit

30.6% of the men looking for an affair on Victoria Milan clearly prefer women who are tall and another 30.4% of them like their misstresses fit too, so this is another type that can be desired by married or attached men who want to cheat on their partners.

Stereotypes men hold about women have finally evolved and it doesn’t really matter anymore if they are curvy, slim or of average size. What men - and we all - like and look for when dating is healthy and fit people, especially if the aim of the date is to find an extramarital affair.

#5 Kind and with sense of humour

But the survey wasn't just about physical appearances and the male members of the dating site were also asked about what personality traits they were attracted to. 

64.5% of them admit they like women who are kind, and an even higher rate of 67.6% also like a good sense of humour. 

But yes, let's face it: physical appearance, however, is more important than personality for men who seek an extramarital affair. In fact, looks are more important for 70.1% of these unfaithful men. Only 26.9% of the participants said that personality was more important than looks...

#6 Youthful and adventurous

Other personality traits men mentioned in this survey about how they like women to cheat with were youthful and adventurous. When seeking a woman to have an affair with, these two qualities were put as very important for 45% and 51.3% of the men answering, respectively.

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Written by Sigurd Vedal

In 2010, I started my first enterprise – now one of the world’s leading online dating services, matching married & attached people with their perfect partner for discreet meet-ups-:Β Victoria Milan.
Today, I oversee some of the world's leading social networks. Combined, these has become one of the fastest-growing ventures of recent years, surpassing 6 million members worldwide in more than 33 countries.
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