The 5 Hottest Sugar Movies Chosen By Sugar Daters

Due to its unconventional ways, sugar dating rarely appears on the big screen. However, there have been a few great pictures about the topic, including some unforgettable classics as well. Here’s RichMeetBeautiful sugar daters’ top 5 favourite – which ones are yours?

#1 Pretty Woman

Named after the legendary hit of Roy Orbison and originally released in 1990, this flick tells the story of Vivian (Julia Roberts) who works as a having-it-hard call girl. Admittedly, Vivian’s lifestyle is hard and fast. But no girl seeks to be a call girl forever. As the sugar-accepting beauty falls unexpectedly in love with the charming millionaire Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), she is going from the “just doing my job” phase to a true head-over-heels romance.

You even get a moral from the story which could be an important take-away for any sugars: hard working girls always get rewarded in the end. So do sugar babies. 

#2 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

This true classic from 1953 features the fabulous Marilyn Monroe and the amazing Jane Russell. Both ladies lighten up the screen with song, dance, and plenty of girl talk

Lorelai Lee (Monroe) gave the world the ever-popular quip “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and the fashion these ladies sport is packed with the old-time Hollywood glam. 

The premise of the movie is to give everything up in order to find a millionaire husband – a notion that any sugars can relate to!

#3 Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Yet another oldie but goldie. The mesmerising Audrey Hepburn stars in this 1961 romantic comedy about a society girl, Holly and her neighbor, Paul whom she starts to fall for. When she meets the handsome write played by George Peppard, she begins to gradually rethink her anything-goes, high-living lifestyle. 

The pair’s frolicking in New York City, complete with an unforgettable soundtrack, make this a wonderfully fun movie for sugars.

#4 Memoirs Of A Geisha

Although geishas are originating from a different period and culture, the movie is very relatable for a sugar baby in many different aspects.

In this 2005 film adaptation of the best-selling novel of the same name, the story follows Chiyo (Zhang Ziyi) as she works hard to become a highly desirable geisha. The heroine’s life journey is very admirable as she is trying to master dancing, music, the art of conversation and to perfect herself in every possible way in order to become the dreamy companion whom all older, wealthy gentlemen desire. 

Now that’s what we call a true dedication to the sugar lifestyle!

#5 Fifty Shades Of Grey

The last entry is probably the most controversial choice on our list as well. 

From a sugar perspective, it is a classic relationship setup shown in this 2015 movie. Flying out for impromptu meetings, random dates in romantic settings, gifts and financial support right when you need it. 

In short, Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) portrays the ideal wealthy sponsor. However, Christian also has a dark side to his nature and his abusive and excessive practices finally drive Ana (Dakota Johnson) away. 

This flick provides an important food-for-thought for aspiring sugars about choosing their sugar daddies carefully.

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Written by Sigurd Vedal

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