Tricks To Get The Best Rent A Car Deal

In order to get the best rental car deal, shop around. You should find websites that are able to show you prices and car availability for different companies and/or locations. If you land at the airport, you can, of course, rent a car at that airport, but this will probably be the most expensive way. You could find a pick-up-point that is close enough for you to get an Uber for a couple of EUR and then rent a car at a smaller pick-up-point.

One such website is, go and look for it.

Rates and fees do differ amongst various providers. And when at all possible, avoid renting from the airport kiosk. Maybe you could Uber into town and go with a local company. That will actually save you a lot in most instances.

Avoid the car rental insurance as long as you pay for the car with a credit card that includes this for free, and check the social media accounts of the various car rental companies for additional discounts or otherwise unadvertised sales. Also, take a look at your needs. For example, if you’ll be driving alone, go with a compact. You’ll only be using the car for a short period of time, and the inconvenience size-wise should be minimal. On the other hand, see if a free upgrade is available.

This happens a lot if travelling during off-peak times. You might find yourself with an SUV when all you really need is a smaller auto. And finally, forego any upgrades the agent might offer you. Know what you want and stick with it. Finally, make sure you fill the car up with gas before you turn it in to avoid inordinate gas charges if the tank isn’t full.

1. Asking for a discount

Some rental car dealerships give different discounts for members of the military, AAA, senior citizens, or for corporate accounts. If you are part of any of these communities or programs, ask if you qualify for any discounts.

2. Mention your frequent flyer programs

At some rental car agencies, mentioning your frequent flyer membership might earn you additional miles on your car rental. For example, Hertz provides United Milage Plus members 75 additional miles per day on their rentals.

3. Use a Credit Card to Pay

Many credit cards provide additional benefits to their cardholders to help encourage confidence and use of their cards. Many credit cards offer benefits including free rental car insurance, which can provide you with added security for no additional costs. In addition, you won’t have to encounter any sales agent trying to persuade you to add on travel insurance. Check with your specific card to see what benefits you have.

Source: Jacob Lunduski, Financial Industry Analyst, Credit Card Insider

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Written by Peter Mesarec

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