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6 Reasons Why Swiss Chocolate is So Popular

Something that Switzerland is especially well-known for is its chocolate. People around the world recognize and enjoy Swiss chocolate. What makes this specific type of chocolate so appealing? Here’s why:

#1 Switzerland is one of the initial chocolate-producing countries

Chocolate has been around in Switzerland for hundreds of years. Back in the early 1800s, one of the first mechanical chocolate-producing factories opened near Lake Geneva. A couple years later, another was opened in Serrières. More and more factories opened as time went by, making chocolate a bigger part of Swiss culture as well as helping chocolatiers cultivate their knowledge in the field.

#2 Milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland

Daniel Peter was the first to successfully combine milk and chocolate in 1875 in his Vevey chocolate factory. People went wild over it, and it played a part in tying Switzerland to chocolate for years to come.

Swiss milk chocolate made to the original recipe is still available today.

#3 Swiss chocolate is known for being smooth and creamy

Rodolphe Lindt, of Lindt chocolate, was the Swiss man responsible for “conching,” a chocolate-making technique that makes it melt in your mouth. Soon, Swiss chocolate manufacturers all over were using similar techniques, contributing to Switzerland’s chocolate name.

Lindt even makes a chocolate bar that's "extra creamy"

#4 Swiss chocolate is all about innovation

The Swiss chocolate industry always keeps in touch with their roots. However, they are also always looking for ways to improve their products. New formulas are constantly being developed, and small modifications made to better the entire process. The knowledge isn’t all kept hush hush too. People share what they find with the industry, contributing to Switzerland’s overall relatively advanced chocolate methods.

#5 Swiss chocolatiers insist on superior quality

Swiss products in general are always being praised for their quality. Swiss chocolate is no different. Chocolatiers choose high-quality raw ingredients and apply tried-and-tested methods in their production. There is a chocolate manufacturers’ association called Chocosuisse that is made up of 18 different companies, all dedicated to guaranteeing the exceptional quality of Swiss chocolate. They say that great chocolate should be able to melt in your mouth, without hardening or leaving a sandy feeling. Each delicious flavor should be well-balanced, and not leave a distasteful aftertaste.

#6 Swiss people love chocolate

Swiss people are more than happy to support one of their main industries. Each Swiss person enjoys around 11 to 12 kilos every year, helping them rank as one of the most chocolate-loving countries in the world.

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