When a Billion Chinese Jump- Voices from the Frontline of Climate Change by Jonathan Watts

When A Billion Chinese Jump – The Future Of The Planet

Jonathan Watts was at the time of authoring this book the environmental correspondent for The Guardian. Having lived in China as a journalist for a number of years the author has a strong understanding of Chinese society and its politics.

Jonathan Watts
Jonathan Watts

This book published in 2010 is a must read for those concerned about the future of the planet. 8 years after publication, the message in the book is probably more relevant than ever (even if certain specific details may now be slightly outdated).

This book examines China’s growing awareness and attitudes towards environmentalism, at a time as it emerges as one of the worlds strongest economies and superpowers. Watts believes that the decisions China makes over the next few years has the potential to save humanity from the looming environmental crisis, or tip things over the edge.

Can China find a new way forward or is this giant nation doomed to magnify the mistakes that have already taken humanity to the brink of disaster? Buy this book to find out more….

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