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The Most Iconic Places to Visit in Australia

Oceania region, sometimes called as a continent, is a collective name given to countless islands endowed with white sand, stunning coral reefs, swaying palm trees, and rocky volcanoes. One country, forming the part of Oceania, deserves the special tourist importance is Australia, well-known for its competitive spirit, desert lands, islands, and beaches. It is these special qualities that tend to make this large island the most desirable tourist destination in this continent. Moreover, this country is rich in diverse flora and fauna, something that is not available elsewhere in the world. The rich cultural resources that the country is abundant in do attract visitors’ attention. There is plenty of sightseeing and places of interest to check out here by visitors of all ages. Those who prefer adventure sports, thrills and frills can get in plenty here. They can indulge in activities like cycling, mountaineering, trekking and other exciting sports. By choosing the most appropriate Australia tour packages, you can get the very best experience and take back the cherishing memory with you and share it among friends, relatives and others known.

Mesmerizing tourist place

Boasting of lively atmosphere and beautiful beaches all around, family, groups and honeymoon couples come here from every corner of the globe. Couples are simply charmed by the beautiful locales, great restaurants serving tasty cuisines and romantic nightlife. Being a vast country, there is plenty to see and experience here. Travellers can enjoy the various wonders and delights that this region has to offer.

Some top places to visit during the trip to Australia

  • Opera House: Located in Sydney, it was built in 1973 by Jorn Utzon, the famous Danish architect. It is considered to be a real masterpiece, and this magnificent building is among the world’s best performing art centres. Annually, it hosts around 1,500 performances. Travellers at the Opera House can get to view the performance of foreign groups and locals alike. You can avail the guided tour and get to enjoy and admire its unique beauty and architecture. You should book a seat to view the performance, be it a play, orchestra, symphony, ballet or the opera.
  • Kakadu National Park: It is regarded to be the country’s largest national park. Here, you can catch a glimpse of few of the rarest wild animals in its natural beauty and action like birds, reptiles and mammals. There are also conducted numerous hiking tours.
  • Kangaroo Islands: It is a secluded place and far from civilization. Here, you can get to discover the Aussie animals in its natural habitat, some of which cannot be seen elsewhere. It boasts of having Kangaroos, koalas and birds, etc.
  • Barossa: This grape-growing valley produces world-class wines and is located in South Australia. Wine lovers should make a night halt here and enjoy great, delicious food and get to experience the rich heritage culture here. This region has managed to produce a few big wine brands and names.
  • Gold Coast: A popular tourist destination of the country located in South-East Queensland. Trusts can enjoy numerous entertainment features. It is also an ideal place for couples and newly-weds. This place does offer a variety of attractions, shopping, beaches, restaurants and other interesting sights.
  • National Gallery: It exhibits art collections of the country, showcasing over 120,000 Australian, international and Asian artwork. You can get to experience the annual exhibition.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge: This is another landmark which tourists can easily recognize from a distance. It is also popularly called ‘The Coathanger’ and is among the most beautiful of all natural harbours present in the world, situated 134m above sea level. It was inaugurated and opened for the public in 1932. During New Year, the harbour’s beauty is further magnified and also offers the perfect backdrop for the popular Sydney Opera House. It connects Sydney’s north and & south shore to allow vehicles of all types including rail & foot travel. The steel structure of the bridge is scalable. The public is allowed to climb the bridge from 1998 onwards. Different climbs are made available and are among the top tourist attractions of Australia.
  • Great Ocean Road: Those who love driving are sure to like this road. It stretches for about 250 km and runs from Warrnambool to Bellarine Peninsula. While driving, you can get to see some of the amazing and outstanding sceneries that you will fall in love with.
  • Tasmania: It is stated to be the world’s least polluted and clean island and is also known as ‘Island of Inspiration’ as it has been blessed with natural beauty. Those searching for tranquillity can seek it here!
  • Uluru: It was previously called Ayers Rock and is considered to be the largest single rock piece of the world. It has a resemblance to that of an iceberg since most of it is hidden under the ground. Still, it has a height of 348m. You can get guided walking tours to explore its perimeter and enjoy this natural beauty in its real form. Previously, there was permission for tourists to scale up the rock. However, now, it is forbidden to conserve it. You can take photos from your camera or smartphone with the Uluru as your background. The best and magical part about this large rock is that it changes colour when it rains and during sunrise and sunset.
  • Great Barrier Reef: It is a popular site for travellers to be and stretches to about 2,000kms and has approximately 900 islands. If you love being in the water and engage in different types of water sports like diving, swimming, boating, snorkelling, yachting, etc., this is the place to be. You can also get to enjoy the Reef’s coral beauty. It is considered to be the world’s only living structure, which could be viewed from space since it stretches for about 3000 sq. km down Queensland coast. It is also home to different types of tropical fish, beautiful coloured coral and marine life. Tourists can enjoy this destination as it is easily accessible from different parts of Queensland coast.

You can plan to choose the very best Australia Tour Packages that include the top sightseeing places and destinations.

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