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Is Drinking RO Water Really Beneficial for Your Health?

When it comes to water purification, the most important and effective solution is RO water purifier. There are different other types of water purification available and some of those are really traditional methods, like boiling water. But, with the advancement of modern technology, water purification system has become modified and now people are relying more on RO purification system.

Why RO purification system is so widely popular among all nowadays? The main reason is that it is effective in removing all physical and chemical impurities from water and also the pollutants so that you get the fresh and clean water without any microorganisms. That’s why you can give this water to the kids and the elderly person of the house and keep your house free from any water-borne diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, jaundice, and so on.

But, are you sure that drinking water from Aquafresh RO UV water purifier is absolutely healthy for you? Today, there is a second opinion is going on and researches are made on that to establish the fact and to find the solution. Those, who say the RO water is not that much good give emphasis on two points-

  • RO water removes all essential minerals of water along with pollutants
  • RO purifier disturbs the pH balance of the water

Today, you will go through a discussion on how to overcome these drawbacks and make RO the best water purification system. Read on to know more-

RO Water Purifier Removes All Essential Minerals of Water

Installing RO purifier in your home means you get fresh and purified water without any contaminations. It is effective in removing the microorganisms, like parasites, viruses and bacteria along with the heavy metals, like mercury, lead, arsenic, etc. But, the drawback is, along with all those harmful chemicals, RO purification system removes essential minerals, like magnesium, calcium, etc. from your water. Actually, it happens because the molecules of these chemicals are larger than the RO membrane and thus those get strained from the water and it only allows water molecules to pass through. Water is definitely one of the main sources of essential minerals in the human body. If those are strained out, you won’t get the benefits of drinking water. And this is the reason why many people think that RO is not the ultimate water purification system for all.

RO Purification System Reduces the pH Level of Water

If you have RO purifier, this is the next complain that many people often do. Actually, the RO membrane is only made to let the water molecules pass through. That’s why lots of organic and inorganic particles get trapped in the membrane and don’t pass through. But, there are certain gas molecules that go through the membrane, like the molecules of CO2. Then, the CO2 mixes up with the free Hydroxide ions in water and form acidic ions of Hydrogen Bicarbonate. But the Hydrogen ions don’t get any particles to react with as there are no impurities in the water. Therefore, the water only has positive H+ ions which lower the pH balance in the water and makes it acidic. The more your drinking water has CO2 in it, the more acidic it will be as the pH balance will be lower.

Should You Stop Using RO Purifier Now?

Now, that decision is hectic. There are lots of other purification systems which are not that much updated like RO purifier. RO purifier is effective in lowering the risk of any water-borne diseases just by removing any pollutants and impurities from water. There are certain solutions you can find to eradicate the problems with RO purifier and give you purified water.

What Are the Solutions You Can Find Now?

So, what to do now? Should you stop drinking RO water? According to experts, that won’t be the right thing to do as there is no other advanced water purification method than RO presently. Rather than that, what you need to do is to overcome the drawbacks. Know how to maintain the level of minerals in RO water-

If you have RO water purifier in your house, you can add a mineralizer cartridge before the water gets stored in the tank. You can call professional for that or you can also do it by yourself. Adding this cartridge will maintain the balance of essential minerals, like sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium in the water. You can also go for simpler options, like using alkaline bottles which can add minerals to your drinking water, along with maintaining the pH balance in it.

Also, you can buy an RO purifier which is quite advanced in these features and comes with TDS controller. Usually, the branded RO purifiers are launching updated models which are free from these drawbacks and serve you the best.

How to Maintain the Balance of Minerals in Your Body?

Apart from water, there are lots of other foods that can maintain the pH balance in your body. To have a healthy life, you also need to concentrate on your diet. What types of foods are a rich source of minerals? Follow the following list-

  • Dark green leafy vegetables, like spinach, kale, etc.
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Milk
  • Fruits, like avocado, raspberries, banana, figs, etc.
  • Seafood
  • Whey protein
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains, like oats and brown rice
  • Dark chocolate
  • Poultry products
  • Almonds
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt

When to Change the RO Membrane?

Finally, if you want your RO water purifier to work more effectively, you need to change the RO membrane and the filters at a certain gap. According to the experts, you should change

  • The sediment filter in every one year
  • The RO membrane in every two-three years
  • The carbon filter every 12 months.

Hopefully, here you get enough information about RO purification system. Installing an RO purifier is the best thing that you can do to get fresh water to drink and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though there are certain drawbacks, now you know how to fix those.


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