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Assessment and Development Centers reflects on the Profits of an Organization

In the present competitive scenario, organizations focus on a holistic assessment of the candidates. This assists them in managing optimum job roles for the employees. For the implementation of a successful evaluation of candidate behavior, the use of multiple assessment tools is required. The Assessment and Development Centers (ACDC) offers this multiple level assessment and screening as per the requirements. Integration of these tests in employees’ career life cycle helps the organization for making the decision in the appraisal, promotion, etc.

A technical assessment test gives a better understanding of employee’s cognitive abilities from a career point of view. Organization opts for suitable ACDC which shall be well suited for organizational need. ACDC test comes in three different forms.

  • Virtual ACDC
  • Blended ACDC
  • Traditional ACDC

1. Virtual ACDC

A virtual ACDC shall comprise of a complete online package of scientifically verified tools and kits for assessment. It simulates an ACDC and is cheaper, as the logistical costs are reduced.

2. Traditional ACDC

In case of a traditional ACDC; set up in an offline mode. It includes psychometric tests comprehensively designed to evaluate the key competencies of the candidate.

3. Blended ACDC

As the name suggests, it includes a complete package to track the employees in a virtual as well as offline mode. It can be used to create a holistic assessment map for the employees.

The key features of online assessment tools include:

a. Personality profiler

b. Cognitive ability test

c. Situational judgment

d. Prioritization of inbox

e. Caselets

The online assessment is performed in virtual as well as blended ACDC whereas the Offline assessment is performed in traditional as well as blended ACDC.

Offline assessment tools include the following key features:

a. Group discussion

b. Case study presentation

c. One to one role play

d. Competency-based interview

Benefits of ACDC for an Organization:

The Role of ACDC in organizational restructuring is tremendous. ACDC provides impactful tools to meet organizational needs for employee assessments. The aspects in general addressed by ACDC include:

1. Identification of high potential employees

2. Identification of problems through training

3. Identification of leadership qualities and succession planning

4. Enhancing leadership quality

1. Identification of high potential employees

ACDC tools can be efficiently used to map the employees of an organization based on their core competencies. The organization can further make a cluster of talents with managerial qualities and multitasking skills that will be highly required by various departments to run their business.

2. Identification of problem through training

Development center collects the full proof data effectively to track down the area of improvement in candidates and organization which can be used during the training process.

Before conducting any training program, the clear objective plays a significant role to make it successful. The objectives include- the purpose of training, identification of the targeted pool and the area of training. The training can be imparted in various fields identified during the assessment of employees. Some common areas are skill-based training required for the job, behavior-based training to secure a healthy workplace and future proofing for successor planning and enhancing skills required to meet future challenges.

3. Identification of leadership qualities and succession planning

Succession planning is a critical task in an organization and thus it requires a step by step approach and a scientifically approved process. The four major activities that come under succession planning are:

a. identify

b. assess

c. plan

d. act

The first step is to nominate the eligible candidate with the required key competencies to get success in a critical situation. Then, determine the readiness of a candidate based on key competencies with the help of reliable assessment tools. Afterward, follow the customized report to find the talent eligible for succession. Lastly, maintain a track record to assess the growth of the selected candidate.

4. Enhancing leadership quality

Leadership development is achieved by measuring the expertise level in various competencies. Assessment tools help the organization to identify the needs and ensure attention and development to improve leadership in the organization. The organization needs leadership development for improving the work environment, securing the future as well as achieving business targets.

The methodology used for assessment

The ACDC assessment reports shall be used in conjunction with the competency framework fixed for various positions across the organization. This helps in taking the decision on assigning suitable roles to the selected candidates. In addition to rating the various technical skills, behavioral competencies are equally significant in deciding future job roles. Behavioral competency includes personality attributes, analytical ability, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills.

Personality attributes are the thoughts, behavior, and habit of an employee according to their surroundings. This determines the cultural fitment of an employee. Analytical ability is the ability to observe patterns, trends and derive results. This determines the creativity of employees while effectively solving problems. Interpersonal skills are the ability of an employee to use effective communication to define a problem, manage resources and provide a solution. Leadership skill is the ability to take initiative, carry out the task and complete it, by taking lead.

The ACDC assessment shall be designed to include the assessment of the skill set as well as the behavior skill set. Various cognitive assessment tools in addition to psychometric tools shall be used in the process. After the completion of tests, the consolidated results shall be processed in light of the competency required for the job role. It can be said that the role of ACDC in organizational restructuring can be effectively ensured by the HR managers of the organization by making sound inferences from the assessment reports.


Assessment and Development Centers (ACDC) can be very effectively used by organizations to manage the employee across its verticals. The organization can choose the type of ACDC according to their suitability. Virtual and blended ACDC shall be less demanding in terms of logistics and cost whereas the traditional ACDC shall give a more humane touch to the assessment. The assessment results can further be effectively used for optimum role assignments to employees and succession planning.


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