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5 Reasons Why You Buy USB Cards at Wholesale

In days of old, we had no choice, we used the postal system for everything. We posted our applications, important documents and contracts and waited for a response. We used the telephone much more and agreed and disagreed on points verbally too. The process was time onerous, systems were much more inefficient and people had to accept lengthy waits to get things organised. Paper was misplaced, lost and important contracts had to be guarded very carefully. Large filing cabinets became the norm and storage space had to be found whether in the family home or in the office. Offices often had rooms dedicated to filing cabinets as important documents often were required to be stored for years at a time. Thankfully, we have moved away from the cumbersome system of paper storage. Our processes are much more efficient, communication is easier and responses obtained very often within the hour. Businesses have had to invest in computer networks, software and support in order to have access to the online system but overall when the costs are balanced with the extra staffing requirements of old, the extra space needed etc., businesses stand to gain.

A company or individual makes use of storage on their devices and as our systems become more sophisticated, so do our storage requirements. In the same way as a paper organised system, we have to organise our files, photographs, documents, audio, videos etc and this can be neatly done on our computers and all is well until something goes wrong. If anyone has ever experienced trying to turn their machine on and through no fault of their own finds that their machine is no longer working and they cannot access their files, at that point, the penny drops and the reflection starts. “If only I had backed up my files”, “I was going to do it”. But of course, by that point it is too late. Damage may have occurred, files may be able to be retrieved but in many cases they are not recoverable, important data, photographs, memories etc are lost. As we no longer have paper storage for a number of our items, there is no recovery at all. That is one reason why we have to consider other storage solutions too, have a back-up plan.

In order to have the back-up plan, we would consider using USB cards. We can buy USB cards wholesale and that would normally mean buying them in bulk, but why would we do that? Here are 5 reasons,

Increasing Storage Needs / Back – Up

It is the case that our storage needs continue to increase as do the size of our files as technology continues to develop. USB cards are available in different sizes to fit our requirements, as our size needs increase, so do the size of the USB cards. We use so much equipment now, phones, tablets, computers, cameras etc and as a result, will require multiple USB cards to accommodate all of the needs on all of the devices.

As we have discussed, there is a need to back-up all of our files for security and safety purposes and by using multiple USB cards, we are able to do that. It is important when backing up files, that we do it on a regular basis as we are continually adding to our online storage. It is sometimes an idea to back-up as you go along for added protection rather than wait.

Store and Categorise

Having multiple USB cards allows you to be able to separate out your files. A different one for photographs, another one for audio, one for video and so on. Storage can be compartmentalised. You can also purchase storage cases for your USB cards, you can label the cases and the cards so as to be able to access them quickly in the future.


Cost is a big consideration, especially if you are a business buying large amounts. Every saving that you make is extra profit for your business and even small amounts very quickly mount up, so it does pay to buy your USB cards at wholesale prices. Not only will you save money by buying them in bulk, you will save on postage costs too. Companies are very keen to offer a discount for large purchases as it means that they will be able to inject a large amount of cash flow into their business albeit at a smaller unit cost.

Portability and Sharing

It makes sense to have multiple USB cards which can be taken with you when you are on the move. It means that you can move files with you and you also have the capacity to display them on other devices which can be very useful if you are involved in presentations or demonstrations. Different USB cards can be used for different purposes to avoid confusion.

Having multiple devices means that you can share information easily with others. An application of this would be for a business who perhaps wanted to share some files and information to others in the office. Putting information on a USB card means that it is portable and allows an employee to use that information on the go and on various machines. It also means that you are taking up less of your internal storage.

Client Advertising

Companies are forever trying to think of ways to engage their clients, to reach the man to have their attention. At various points in the year, companies may choose to send their clients a message or card and included in the message or card could be a USB card with information for them. It is an interesting and different way to reach people, emails are commonplace now and often ignored. Buying at wholesale prices will allow you to conduct such an outreach campaign.

Buying your devices in wholesale USB drives and in bulk means that you will never run out, after all there is nothing worse than being short of storage at that very important time!


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Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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