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Top Test Day Tips for Taking the MCAT

In case you are one of the many hopeful doctors soon to graduate from your undergrad program, the MCAT can be the biggest obstacle between you and the medical school of your dreams. A careful MCAT prep plan is vital, as is knowing the needs of the exam day. Here is a summary of eight things you need to know for when you take the MCAT:

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1. Bathroom breaks are allowed in the middle of the MCAT.

Either way, you must log in and log out each time you leave the MCAT test region. Also, do not leave the test room without your identification, as you will need it to re-enter.

2. Bring some food and drinks.

MCAT prep requires some commitment and dedication that requires you to be very time conscious. The exam is always scheduled for 7 hours. Within these hours, you cannot get out of the examination center, so carrying some food and drink to give you energy during the break sessions will help you.

3. You will be asked to verify your identity often.

The MCAT focuses on your fingerprints and uses them to verify that you are who you claim to be. It looks a lot like some jokes, but the MCAT analysis approaches are determined that no funny business damages the suitability of the tests.

4. There is a timer on the screen of your PC.

This timer will count down each section and break during your exam. Get acclimated to take exams along these lines as it will make the real MCAT day a little less distressing. Most MCAT prep tutors suggest timing yourself during your practice tests so you get accustomed to working under time limitations.

5. You cannot bring earplugs with you.

While many students would prefer to use earplugs during the exam to help them focus, the test proctors cannot allow this as it poses a cheating risk. Instead, students should practice taking the MCAT tests in noisy environments, so you will be used to distractions on the big day.

6. Try not to dress with too much energy.

In the remote possibility that you think wearing multiple layers for the MCAT is an intelligent thought to protect yourself against a cool room, reconsider. In case you need to take off your sweater, you cannot just leave it in your seat. You are given a protected region for your belongings, and you will be entrusted to take your coat or sweater to the protected area while the time of the segment that was being taken will end.

7. If you finish early, you can move on to the next section.

In the event that you complete an MCAT segment before time runs out, you can move on to the next area. This only applies to the segment that follows the one you’ve just finished, no matter what. You cannot use the extra time in other areas where you think you may have more problems.

8. When you leave, your testing period is finished.

As soon as you enter that room and begin your exam you have committed yourself to finishing that exam. If you leave for any reason once the exam has been started, the exam is considered “finished” and you will receive a final score no matter if you finished all of the sections or not.

Knowing all the details of the MCAT test day will not guarantee success on your test. Only hard work and dedicated MCAT prep will do that and it will require exceptionally solid knowledge in all sections of the MCAT. However, having an idea of what is in store in the huge day can help ease your concern and make it easier for you to do what you intended…like ace the MCAT. Good luck!

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