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Biggest Food And Dining Trends 2019

This year is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet when it comes to new food trends and dining preferences. The relentless surge of fast-casual eating out makes further in-roads into the de-glamorization of fine dining establishments. It is expected that 2019 will see more places ditching their strict “no jeans, jackets and ties only” policies.

With the lines between eating at home and dining out becoming more blurred, diners’ preferences are forming how restaurants operate and not the other way around.

Faster And More Casual

Restaurants are shifting to having one section of the room devoted to take-away food collection and the rest of the space dedicated to hyper-casual sit-down dining. The critical ingredient for both areas will be speed. The days when people would sit around a table for three to four hours, eating and drinking belong to the last century.

As consumers tighten their belts to avoid excessive server tips, costly wine lists, and expensive entrees, they are tending to hit the cheaper bars for pre-dinner drinks and then choosing fast/casual dining places for a quick bite afterward. Diners are wanting to eat out on their terms in 2019.

Home Food Delivery

One way to avoid the inflated drinks prices and server tips entirely is to order in food from your favourite restaurants to be delivered to your home. It was just a few years ago that the only food available for takeout or home delivery was pizza and Asian cuisine. Now, it is possible to order delicious meals from your preferred restaurants to be delivered in the shortest possible time right to your doorstep.

As more families become respectful of each individual’s tastes and lifestyle choices, so too does ordering in preferred meals for home delivery. So, it’s possible for one person to order vegan stir fry, one person to order vegetarian, gluten-free pizza, and another to get steak and fries.

Only the most outstanding and popular restaurants are selected to present their meals on the best food delivery online sites. Foodora in Montreal has specially chosen menu items for breakfast, dessert, and every meal in between. First-class food and being able to watch whatever you want on TV sounds better every time.


Not only is kelp a highly-sustainable food source but it is also delicious and versatile. This ingredient is packed full of nutritious minerals and vitamins. A definite food trend for 2019 is to eat foodstuffs that supply all the nutrition the body needs for wellness and health. Swallowing a multivitamin is seen as counterproductive to a healthier lifestyle as more research emerges to show that swallowed supplements are often just flushed out of the system.

Kelp has been a secret healthy ingredient for many seaside communities that live to a ripe old age. It can be added to many dishes or simply stir fry, boil, or chop this wonder ingredient into salads and sides. Restaurants will be adding kelp to the menu in 2019.

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