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Reasons to Try Alternative Vape Flavours

Cast your mind back to when you were a full-time cigarette smoker before you picked up a vape in NZ. Hopefully, that time is a little hazy in your mind. If it is, then that’s a good sign that you’ve been off the smokes for a while!

When you find that memory, think about every occasion you went and bought smokes. You would have chosen the same brand, same papers, same filters, and probably even the same lighter.

You stuck with what you knew, what you liked, and what worked for you. Even though you no longer smoke, those habits can carry over to other parts of your life, such as when you buy products to vape in NZ.

You find a vaping device you like the feel of, the liquid you prefer the taste of, and even the same supplier if it’s who you trust. There’s nothing wrong with sticking with your favourites, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t branch out and try something new. There are close to 8,000 flavour combinations on the market, so why are you always buying the same one?

Live a little. Here are some of the many reasons why you may like to try an alternative vaping flavour sooner rather than later.

The Cost

The cost of smoking traditional cigarettes is astronomical, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting the best deal when you vape in NZ, a more cost-effective option. Without doing any research, how are you going to find out whether other E liquids are cheaper than the one you currently use?

Whenever you buy anything – be it online or in a physical store, you always do your research and look at different options based on pricing. Why should your vape products be any different? If you need any reason to try alternative vape flavours, it should be the prospect of keeping your money in your wallet.

The Variety

As previously mentioned, there are now nearly 8,000 flavour combinations on the market. As you can customise your own vape liquids as well, there may be even more you could come up with on your own.

Why would you stick with the same old vape liquid when there’s a whole host of other options? Because it can take so long to find the best fluid to vape in NZ, many people stop looking for others. However, who’s to say that the one you like isn’t just the tip of the iceberg? You don’t know what beautiful flavour combinations await until you try them.

You Get to Support NZ Businesses

Whenever you buy anything related to a vape in NZ, you are supporting a New Zealand business. You are helping everyday Kiwis remain employed, while also being the reason thousands more don’t go back to smoking cigarettes.

If you don’t branch out and try new things, you aren’t providing that much-needed financial support to keep people in business in our country. What’s more, if you don’t buy new products, you may find those businesses are not there when you need them the most.

You Won’t Get Bored

Giving up cigarettes will be one of the hardest things you ever do. In a split second, you can be back in your local dairy, buying another packet over the counter. There are plenty of smoking cessation products to help, such as patches, lozenges, and gum. However, vaping is a standard option for people who want to transition as well.

In saying that, buying the same liquid to vape in NZ over and over again can incite boredom. It would be like eating the same food daily for the rest of your life. By choosing a different liquid to vape, you are giving your palate something new to appreciate. You can compare it to selecting takeaways every day, then switching it up with fine dining every now and again.

It’s an Excuse to Buy New Vape Products

Shopping for new vape equipment can feel like Christmas. There is so much of it on the market! If you have been toying with the idea of trying new vape liquids, then you may like to buy new vape equipment as well. Having a second vaping device can mean you don’t have to clean one every time you change the flavour. What’s more, if you’re trying nicotine salts, you need a specialised system to handle the new nicotine composition.


There’s nothing wrong with buying the same liquid to vape in NZ, week in, week out. Fortunately, however, there are also plenty of opportunities to change up your routine and try something else as well. Why not check out what your local vape products supplier has to offer, then try a new flavour? You may discover a whole new world of vape products you didn’t know existed.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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