5 Steps to Guaranteed Success with New Goals

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This year, try a fresh new way of setting goals, guaranteed to bring you success.   
Most likely, your goals are attached to a special dream. You might  want to take up sailing, launch a business, play King Lear, or see the world.  Whatever it is, it is unique for you.
Bottom line:  You need a higher purpose based on your life values.  It’s not enough to sit down and write out goals, although that is  a fun and important step for beginning a new year. It takes a few special ingredients to make those dreams come true.
Think of these five steps as points of attraction, like the five points of a star.
  1. Get into the frequency of love and stay there. It is a place, a vibrational reality.  The more you remain in that state, the faster you magnetize your dream goals. This is the most important goal, the magical formula guaranteed to carry you happily to success and advance the lives of everyone involved.
  2. Get  your heart and mind in sync. Your intellect is very good at setting goals, organizing your life and computing your bank balance, but It’s your heart that falls in love with possibilities. When you stay in the space of love, your brain and heart are in agreement and work together to magnetize the conditions, people and resources you need.  Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said, “Put your heart over the bar and your body will follow.”
  3. Surrender.  If you’ve done all you can and nothing is happening, don’t give into helplessness , but do let go.  Allow for the mystery to surprise you when you least expect it, usually when you are in a happy and trusting place.  Don’t look back and regret what you should have done or said. The past is over.  Believe in the best results no matter what appearances tell you.  You are being prepared for something or your goals wouldn’t hold your interest.  Oprah said in a recent inspiring interview:  “You can dream this much, but God has a bigger dream.”  
  4. See the end first.  Your emotions are the bridge from the wish you have to the wish fulfilled. The most direct route to your goals is to ask yourself how you want to feel when you get there.  Hear the words of congratulations, see the handshakes, feel the emotions of success, and the increase in self-esteem that comes with it.  You will feel lighter, freer, laugh more, have more confidence, making it easier to fill in the details.    
  5. Get tranquil.  If things aren’t going your way, think higher, and focus on relaxing  tension from your muscles and releasing stress from your mind.  Spend a few moments just before you fall asleep of instructing your mind to relax your arms, your legs, your neck and your back.  This restores valuable energy that tension depleted – and gives you the gift of a good night’s sleep. Walter S. Germain wrote in the early 1900s:  “This method is the most effective means of attaining perfect tranquility – the basis of health, happiness and longevity.”
Now, sit down and write out your goals and take the necessary actions.  Browse for sailboats, join community theater, get travel brochures.  Your goals will lie down neatly on the page and take you where your heart wants you to go – to your own lucky star.
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Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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