Four Best Books for Students to Upgrade Their Writing Skills


Writing is an art. For some people, the skill comes naturally while others have to train themselves on how to master the craft. Being a good writer takes practice. It will help you communicate better and portray professionalism in all your work.

It’s important to upgrade and refine your skills through continuous education. Getting hold of the right resource that can help improve your writing can be difficult.

You need a book that will help ignite your creativity while offering practical tips you can apply in your life. Thankfully, there are amazing resources you can utilize that can show you how to become a great writer.

1. Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen

This publication by Mary Norris is a great choice for any student who has a problem interpreting the meaning behind text references. It offers a comical approach to things which makes it easy to read and understand the references highlighted in the text. You will notice how the writer uses The Simpsons as a case study of punctuation and grammar mistakes.

Reading this book may help you notice the common mistakes you make in your text and its effect on your readers. Grammar and spelling mistakes make your essay writing a tedious and boring read. With the help of this Mary Norris’ insight, you can advance your skill and still get to enjoy the humor in the context.

It is a perfect resource for students who enjoy comical references. It might not be the best choice for students who lack a sense of humor. Regardless, it still remains a great example of excellent storytelling and creativity.

2. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

All writers have one common enemy — writers’ block. It usually strikes at the worst time. You might have a dissertation writing to complete, but end up with zero ideas on how to tackle it. This can be frustrating, especially when you have a strict deadline.

Anne Lamott’s book provides information on how to deal with writer’s block. It is packed with essentials tips and strategies on how to keep your creative juices flowing when handling a huge task.

Of the creative writing books available, this is one you should definitely consider. If writer’s block hits you when you have a task to submit, PhD dissertation writing services will help turn your nightmare into a masterpiece.

It can help you understand the importance of coming up with drafts even when your imagination is not at its best. It is a great read for college students who have excellent grammar skills but have a problem with their creative flow.

3. The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need

Your level of professionalism is highly detectable from the quality of your work. Susan Sommers Thurman, the author, has come up with a great resource that focuses on improving the quality of your work.

Your professor might not recall your name, but your eloquence and perfection in your descriptions will make you stand out. Getting recognition from your instructor is something you should be proud of. With the help of this book, you can produce top quality work regardless of the topic or subject.

It covers all important factors about sentence structure, punctuation, and how to perfectly structure your work. The skills you learn might help you enhance your grammar and put you on the same level of expertise as a professional writing service.


4. The Getaway Car: A Practical Memoir about Writing and Life

If you have a problem with goal setting and procrastination, then you need to get your hand at this book by Ann Patchett. It is easy to set a goal, but seeing it through is the most challenging thing.

Every student can benefit from the knowledge and ideas shared by Ann Patchett. You will appreciate how the writer provides insightful information on how to set and maintain a schedule.

There is value in setting aside a few hours a day to concentrate on your essay assignment. You need to maintain the same willpower and motivation even in your less productive days. With school work, assignments, family and social life, working on self-improvement might end up being an exhaustive task.

This book may help you stay focused and motivated. It is a great read for all students as it provides a practical approach on how to stay productive all the time.


There you have it, amazing publications you can use to become a skilled writer. It is now upon yourself to practice the skills and tips provided. Since writing is a great part of most of your assignments, improving your grammar and quality will help boost your performance. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer, the books we have mentioned provide a fresh insight on how to structure and perfect your work.

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