Facts You Need to Know About Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have extra weight on them compared to regular sheets. The materials used vary from one manufacturer to another. However, the weight of the blanket may differ depending on the user’s preference.

These blankets have become accessible to people who have health problems that include trouble sleeping and anxiety attacks. Whatever your reason is towards buying a weighted blanket, here are a few important facts to know before you purchase one:

Different Styles of the Blanket

The style of your blanket depends on your needs, budget, and lifestyle. You can opt for a duvet style or a one-piece blanket.

Duvet style has two parts – the cover and the blanket. This style offers more flexibility than a one-piece blanket. With this style, you can have your quilt in 100% cotton and the cover in polyester.

The advantage of this style is you can change the cover depending on the climate. If the weather gets too hot, you can choose cotton duvet covers for breathability during sleep. You can also wash the duvet cover and blanket separately.

Of course, duvet style weighted blankets cost more than a one-piece blanket. Furthermore, it’s harder to maintain a duvet style than a one-piece blanket.

Right Size and Weight of the Blanket

Generally, the appropriate weight of the blanket is 10% of your body weight. 

Some people prefer a blanket that is heavier than the recommended weight. Others want their blanket to be lighter than the recommended.

Common Uses of Weighted Blankets

There’s no standard way of using a weighted blanket. You can use yours while sleeping or drape around your shoulders while sipping your morning coffee on a cold day.

Who Should Buy This Blanket

  • People who want better sleep or want a blanket with an all-night “cuddling” effect

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Blanket

  • People with claustrophobic tendencies

Simple Tips on Caring for Your Weighted Blanket

There are many ways to clean your blanket. Here are some simple tips that you need to consider:

  1. You can machine wash and tumble dry. Depending on the fabric, you can use a dryer for quick drying. So, before tossing your blanket on the washer, read for specific instructions.
  2. Use a gentle cycle in cold water. For blankets with more than 12 pounds, wash them in a commercial washer in cold water.
  3. Air dry your blanket during the summer season. Place it on a flat surface. Make sure to reshape your blanket, and the fillers are evenly distributed.

Final Thoughts

Whether weighted blanketscan help you with your sleeplessness or anxiety, it’s essential to choose the right size for your body weight. 

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