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Skyrocket Your Earnings: 8 Tips To Increase CPC On AdSense In 2018

Before we jump into these simple and easy tips and tricks for increasing CPC, we should first define the¬†term¬†CPC or ‚ÄėCost Per Click.‚Äô If you are using Google AdSense¬†then you know that the adverts being served on your website are from the¬†Google‚Äôs AdWords advertising program.

Advertisers using the AdWords program pay Google for every click made on their adverts.

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#1 Never settle on anything and TEST TEST TEST all the time

Be aware of changes, never settle on anything and TEST TEST TEST all the time. This is the only way we can prove to ourselves that we are still using the right methods that maximize monetization possibilities. 

Specifically speaking on AdSense, a quick tip is to use Google's DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) in order to set minimum rates for your various ad locations. The setup process of DFP can be a bit of a learning curve for non-technical website managers but it's definitely worth the effort and you can always contract a specialist to set it up for you.

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#2 Get quality traffic for your website

Depending on what kind of traffic your website gets, you will get higher or lower CPC. Google counts everything from the time a user spent on site, to how much they scrolled, how many pages they visited etc. Also, someone that comes directly from Google's search engine to your website will always be more interested in your content than someone that came from a post they've seen on Facebook for example.

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#3 Change the colors of your adsense ads to match closely you webs

Change the colors of your AdSense ads to match closely your website, so if your website colors are white and red, you should edit your AdSense ads to have a white background and red title. The key is to do A/B Testing and see which colors are performing better, some people myself included have better CTR by just using the default AdSense white and blue colors with just the font style changed.

Contributor: Stephen Montagne from

#4 Have a relevant authority website

Google will search and scan your website and they will see if you're writing on a bunch of different topics or if you're writing on a specific topic. So if you write on many things, Google will not show you ads that are related to anything, so the CPC will be low. 

If for example you have an authority website with many great quality articles on a certain topic like Dog training, and all your content is related to training your dog, then Google will show you more related ads about dogs, dog toys, dog training programs, dog products, insurance for your dog, etc.. these ads will, of course, pay more.

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#5 Don't put too many ads on your website

An article with 300 words but 5-6 AdSense ads will not perform better if for example you only had 2-3 ads. Google wants quality content. So if you have a long quality article of about 1500-2000 words, sure you can put about 5-6 ads on that page. Otherwise don't just plaster your website with ads. More ads does not mean more revenue.

Contributor: Stephen Montagne from

#6 Play around with your ad placements

You can try and play around with your ad placements, for example at the top of the article, in the middle, at the bottom, sidebars, etc. Each of these placements will have different CPC's. 

For example, an ad at the top of the article can earn more than one at the bottom of the article simply because your visitors will see the ad first and then the content, plus they won't always read your whole article to reach to the bottom of it in order to see your bottom ad. So try and test various ad placement positions on your website and see which ones are the best performing.

Contributor: Stephen Montagne from

#7 Experiment with category blocking

A bit counterintuitive but potentially effective way to increase your CPC is to experiment with category blocking. AdSense enables safe categories and disables riskier categories, like gambling, by default. It's easy to think that allowing all the categories would increase competition and earn you more. However, different categories have different CPCs and CTRs. Therefore, some categories can have high CTRs but low CPCs - and vice versa. That's why it's paramount to test what categories work best with your audience.

Contributor: Ville Salminen from

#8 Use a heatmap tool

With a heatmap software, you can spy on your visitors and see exactly where they click on your website and what things they're looking at. So by seeing where they click, you can try and position your ads accordingly.

Contributor: Stephen Montagne from

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