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14 Stunning Examples Of Brands And Companies That Are Killing It On Instagram

And some added inspirational accounts to get your creative juices flowing.

If you are looking for inspiration, or simply a cool new account to follow, you have come to the right place. These businesses are absolutely killing the marketing game, getting thousands of likes and tonnes of media coverage.

What [all] these examples have in common is that their creators think about what their audience wants to see, not what the “seller” would like their audience to see.

So if you run a business and would like to start with a good strategy, first focus on inspiring people, building your tribe, building trust, and a community. Once you have the credibility and rapport, only then show your product every once in a while. Don’t try to aggressively promote the product by posting product shots with calls to action telling people to buy.

People don’t like to be forced to do things, such [an] aggressive approach will most likely turn them away. When creating a good content strategy always remember that with great content comes growth. So begin with the end in mind, what kind of message do you want to get out there? What do you want people to feel when they see your pictures and videos on instagram? It’s all about peaking people’s interest, making them feel or imagine something, and if possible, making it educational. You really can’t go wrong with inspirational quotes, beautiful images and motivation.

– Zach Benson

Okay, without further delay, onto the 14 best business Instagram accounts. If you like one of these, why not upvote it. The list reorders based on upvotes so future readers will see the coolest Instagrams first!

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#1 Nike Women

For decades, Nike has excelled in its storytelling -- showing engaging tales of people overcoming physical obstacles to achieve greatness. Recently, the brand has adopted a minimalist and straightforward aesthetic and leveraged more poignant storytellers rather than lean on celebrity athletes. This has worked exceptionally well for the company's Nike Women account. Nike Women shows each product in use and the product's intended user rather than hiding behind slender, nearly-identical models. Even the company's video storytelling elements are edited in a way to tell the comprehensive story within the Instagram video specs. 

Nike Women doesn't try to flash a new product in its Instagram posts. It doesn't have one of those sly visual tricks or unified aesthetics or color theme, but it doesn't need to. It sells a mood. It sells a motivation. And each of those moods/motivations points back toward the underlying mission of the Nike Women's brand: empowering women to conquer their fitness goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

Everything is cohesive, intentional, and visually appealing. And it's incredibly inspiring, enough to appeal to those beyond its target audience. 

Nike Women: Instagram Account

Contributor: Shelby Rogers | Content Marketing Strategist at Solodev | LinkedInTwitter


#2 Bumble

Bumble is an app founded on the premise of giving women a space to claim, with feminism as one of the organization’s backbone beliefs. Their Instagram spreads positive messages with this belief at their core, like, “One women’s reality should not be used to erase another’s. - Blair Imani, Activist, Author,” and puts them next to clever graphics and images you would see going viral on Twitter, such as, “I panic at a lot of places besides the disco” - all within a consistent color scheme and aesthetic. 

Bumble knows that its largest (and Instagram’s largest) audience is young adult women, and it merges the values that are important to those consumers and to the foundation of Bumble with the type of content social media users are interested in. 

Bumble also shines in Instagram Stories. In its stories, Bumble has a different strategy: it is here that the platform gives tips, tricks, and insights into using the app. Stories include themes such as dating success stories, ways to start conversations, and statistics about Bumble users. 

Bumble’s highlighted stories show off the company, the culture, and the same female-forward values that the feed itself reflects. 

Bumble is using its Instagram account to ensure users that they are patronizing a business that has the same wants and needs as they do. Showing off and building a following for an app on social media isn’t as straightforward as it would be for a restaurant or a hair salon, but Bumble manages to do it not only well, but even better than most. 

Bumble: Instagram Account

Contributor: Meara McNitt | Social Media Strategist

Company: | Twitter

#3 NewAir Appliances

The reason I'm proud of what we've done is that we've really focused on inspiring our followers using lifestyle imagery and our products to show how they can fit into their lives. We've also updated our description, which nicely summarizes the feeling we want consumers to have when thinking about our products: Affordable luxury that adds a little magic to your home.

- NewAir Appliances

If you compare their account against many of their competitors you'll see that they are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

NewAir USA: Instagram Account

Contributor: Andrew Stephenson | Director of Product Marketing


#4 Female Boss Club

This page does a fantastic job of incorporating, text, images, and quotes for aspiring female professionals. They have their posts separated into three categories that visually divide the page into columns. We find it a great source for female entrepreneur motivation!

Female Boss Club: Instagram Account

Contributor: Kayla Vieten | Social Media Marketing Coordinator | Email

Company: Instagram

#5 GoPro

GoPro is another example of a company that understands what their audience wants. People who buy GoPro cameras are active, adventures people who love spending times outdoors, often doing extreme sports. An audience like this is looking for an inspiration for a new adventure, not another product pitch.

GoPro: Instagram Account

Contributor: Zach | Founder and CEO of Assistagram | TedEx Talk

#6 Sarah Peretz

View this post on Instagram

What's Trending! Could y'all see me as a host?

A post shared by Sarah Peretz (@sarah_peretz) on

Sarah, has an incredible emphasis on aesthetics. Her posts are coordinated by color, specifically in a rainbow theme, making the page vibrant and appealing. When you catch wind of her creativity, you are immediately intrigued to scroll further. We hope to one day have the FlagSetters page as immaculately organized as hers.

Sarah Peretz: Instagram Account

Contributor: Kayla Vieten | Social Media Marketing Coordinator | Email

Company: Instagram

#7 Liss Amyah

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My word for today 💕

A post shared by Liss Amyah (She/Her) (@lissamyah) on

Font choice is everything when it comes to text content on social posts. Liss seamlessly combines text and art in social masterpieces. We look to her when trying to find aesthetically pleasing methods of displaying text on photos.

Liss Amyah: Instagram Account

Contributor: Kayla Vieten | Social Media Marketing Coordinator | Email

Company: Instagram

#8 Nike

Their social media profiles show that they truly know and understand their audience. They inspire and encourage athletes, both professional and amateur. You won’t find hundreds of photos of their products on their Instagram

Nike: Instagram Account

Contributor: Zach | Founder and CEO of Assistagram | TedEx Talk


The trick is that Sezaneknows it’s all about the lifestyle. Not only about the clothes - it’s about what they represent, the lifestyle that comes with them, the way their owners present themselves to the world. If you take a quick look at Sezane’s Instagram you’ll notice it immediately. You might notice great clothes too, but what you see immediately are inspiring women living their lives to the fullest.

SÉZANE: Instagram Account

Contributor: Zach | Founder and CEO of Assistagram | TedEx Talk

#10 Hopebox

Hopebox is a care package company that helps people send a box of encouraging handmade items to themselves or someone in their life needing encouragement. They're at if you want to learn more. 

What's cool about their account is the mix of huge handmade giveaways, beautiful photography, encouraging messages, and stories of how they're giving to hopeboxes to all kinds of causes (survivors of domestic violence, hurricane relief, etc) and spreading hope. Amazing! 

HopeBox: Instagram Account

Contributor: Julie and Derik

#11 iHeartRaves

In terms of content, they send ambassadors to music festivals to cover the events live. They also post photos of influencers, ambassadors, and team members wearing their outfits. In addition, they post plenty of sales and discounts.

How iHeartRaves grew into a successful business grossing $20 million a year and being featured in the Inc. 5000 four years in a row. 

iHeartRaves likes to use influencers as part of their digital marketing strategy. Their target audience includes fashion oriented people who attend music festivals and enjoy electronic dance music. 

They engage in influencer marketing in a variety of ways. They find popular accounts who meet their criteria for selection and start a conversation to gauge whether or not it’s a good fit. Often times, they will send one of their products to an influencer for free, in exchange for an honest review that is posted to their blog or [to their] social media followers. 

In the case of Instagram, this leads to a ton of new followers for influencers, as well as sales. For iHeartRaves, the most important element of an influencer package aside from cultural fit, is the overall reach of their blog or social media accounts. 

They measure their return on investment based on the number of new followers they receive, the number of impressions they receive, how much referral traffic they get, and of course - how many sales come as a result of the campaign. 

iHeartRavesInstagram Account

Contributor: Brandon Chopp | Digital Manager |

#12 Heart for Art

Heart for Art's instagram (@heartforarttours) is great! They are an art tour and creative consulting company based in New York City. They repost shots of their client's tour photos, showing art exhibitions to go to. They highlight the lesser known, but more creative pieces in the city as well as the work of emerging artists. Its a different view of the New York sites! 

Contributor: Katya Leibholz

#13 Mirbeau Plymouth

Mirbeau Inn & Spa in Plymouth is a resort that accommodates an all-encompassing French-inspired hospitality experience. 

Mirbeau's Instagram account gets it right in that they show every facet to the resort, from the spa treatments, the beautiful French countryside-inspired landscaping, and architecture, the fitness studios, the wedding experiences, the corporate meeting space, to the wine and dine experience, to the accommodations. 

They also keep the following fresh by posting enticing giveaways! 

Mirbeau PlymouthInstagram Account

Contributor: Alyssa Cremeans |

#14 FlagSetters

FlagSetters is a platform that connects aspiring entrepreneurs with up and coming franchises. Their website will be launching this summer and they hope to keep entrepreneurs inspired through their social media outlets for the time being.

FlagSetters: Instagram Account

Contributor: Kayla Vieten | Social Media Marketing Coordinator | Email

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